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A Spring Celebration Focusing on the Arts of Persia
Friday, April 25, 2008
Steinway Hall
109 West 57th Street
New York, NY


Two Folk Songs (from Azari melodies)
Jaleh Safari, Soprano
Sina Kiai, Piano

Fantasie Impromptu op.66 in c sharp minor Chopin
Virginia Nina Oat, Piano

The Weeping Willow, from “Shiraz Ranjbaran
Laura Goldberg, Violin
Ella Toovy, Cello
Ilinka Manova, Piano

Scherzo op.39 in c sharp minor Chopin
Sina Kiai, Piano

“Quando le Sera al Placido” from Luisa Miller
“Addio, Fiorito Asil” from Madame Butterfly
Edward Napier, Tenor
Donna Gill, Piano

Introduction — Santour and Tombak
Nasim (Breeze) — Santour, Tombak and Voice
Rumi Poems — Solo Santour and Poetry Reciting
Rumi Chant — Santour, Daf and Voice
Rhythmical Ending (Chahar-Mezrab) — Santour and Tombak

Group Singers:
Jaleh Safari, Minoo Lathari, Mitra Khorsandi,
and Manigeh Khorsandi

Alexandra Napier

Persian Group Performers:
Bahman Kiai, Santour (Persian Hammer Dulcimer)
Afshin Goodarzi, Tombak (Persian Drum) & Daf (Persian Tambourine)

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Special thanks to Mariele Keymel, Steinway representative, for making this concert possible. If you are considering selecting a piano at Steinway Hall, please contact Mariele directly at 212-332-0115 or mkeymel@steinway.com

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