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ArtsAhimsa is a network of artists and friends working together to promote non-violence through the Arts. ArtsAhimsa is a grassroots, global performance Arts movement that makes the connection between the affirmative power of the Arts and our common desire for a peaceful world and clean environment.

"Ahimsa", a word borrowed from the ancient Sanskrit language of India, means "non-violence". It was Mahatma Gandhi who introduced the concept of Ahimsa to the West. Through his life, actions, and philosophy, Gandhi demonstrated that non-violence can change the world.

Our idea is simple. ArtsAhimsa is an ongoing, international series of Arts events that raise awareness of non-violence. ArtsAhimsa concerts also support the work of humanitarian organizations that are promoting environmental and human rights causes. Our events are inclusive. We draw inspiration from all cultures: from Bach to Jazz, Indian Ragas to Russian poetry, visual arts, theatre, dance, the voices of theologians, and the songs of children.

Through the Arts we explore the universal human experience, and our connections within the global community are revealed. Let's utilize the transformative power of the Arts to shine a bright spotlight on our common humanity. Let's bridge our differences rather than build walls of fear. Now is the time to found a civilization that intentionally and pro-actively creates peace. The Arts can be the catalyst that brings this vision to life.

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